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Strange RavenSkullz Phenomena!

We have been getting reports from around the country regarding strange encounters/sightings of RavenSkullz. Almost universally, these encounters are brief. Fortunately one Arizona business owner managed to capture his encounter on video. @AdamAssets of @IPAssetsTech stated: "It was surreal how this thing just showed up. I grabbed my phone and captured a quick video. I then went to get my co-workers to show them, but by the time we got back to the lounge area... it was gone! My co-workers were thinking I was just making it up until I showed them the video. Glad I captured it or they would think I was nuts!"

Please keep and eye out for any RavenSkullz sightings in your area and be sure to report any sightings to us. Tweet us at @RavenSkullzNFT.

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