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RavenSkullz Series 1 Release Announcement!

@RavenSkullzNFT is pleased to announce the release of the ALL-NEW Series 1 RavenSkullz. Twenty-two NFT titles commemorates the first Ravencoin Halving date rapidly approaching in January, 2022 with minting capped at 100 per title. With the total number of Ravencoin wallets downloaded and in use worldwide we believe will make these an important, sought after NFT collectible you can own with pride. These titles are destined for glory! Follow @RavenSkullzNFT on Twitter and be sure to smash the Notify Bell on Twitter to be the first to know about future RavenSkullz Series Releases, FREE Giveaways, RavenSkullz “sightings” (from around the globe) and 3D Printable RavenSkullz offerings so STAY TUNED. RavenSkullz, You Gotta Collect Them All!

RavenSkullz Series 1 Official Drop Dates:

“Fab 5” Release Date – 10/22/2021 8:00PM EDT

“Lucky 7” Release Date - 11/19/2021 @ 8:00PM EST

“Terrific 10” Release Date – 1/7/2022 @ 8:00PM EST

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